Rock musician and conservative political activist Ted Nugent’s wife, Shemane Nugent, posted a screenshot of an Instagram censorship notification she received and reacted to Instagram’s attitude towards free speech.

As you may remember, Shemane had actively supported Trump during the presidential election and often ridiculed the severity of COVID-19. Her videos from the live streams in which she was asking her followers who they’re going to vote for and why were banned before the elections.

Similarly, this time Shemane posted visual content considering COVID-19 which was banned from Instagram. After she received the notification that her post was removed as it ‘contained false info,’ Shemane posted the info-warning on her Instagram and ridiculed their policy.

The message also said that ‘to stay up to date on the latest facts, visit the World Health Organization’s website’ which seems to have been received as a joke by Shemane who often questions the role of the government in newcasting.

Her response to Instagram’s ban was to thank them ironically for informing her and sharing her ‘happiness’ that Instagram is always there to censor people’s thoughts and beliefs. More than 100 people responded to her post and thanked her for trying to raise awareness even though she is being censored.

This is what the Instagram warning said:

“A post you shared contained false info: We removed the post because it included harmful false information about COVID-19. To stay up to date on the latest facts, visit the World Health Organization’s website.”

Here’s what Shemane wrote in the caption of her Instagram post:

“Thanks, Instagram. I had no idea. Glad you’re here to censor us. 🙄”

You can check out the photo that Shemane Nugent posted below.