The well-known rock music veteran, Ted Nugent’s lovely wife, and famous social media personality, Shemane Nugent has posted a sincere photo of herself via her verified and official Instagram page.

All artists have started to share photos with the Christmas tree while we are approaching Christmas night. Ted Nugent’s beloved wife Shemane Nugent doesn’t forget to do that.

She shared her own photo with a Christmas tree but surprisingly, she’s holding an acoustic guitar. Also, Ted Nugent didn’t forget liking the photo. You can see what she wrote with the photo below:

“Rockin around the Christmas tree! 🎶🌲 #christmas #rocknroll #guitar.”

A fan named twallace669 commented:

“Ohhh, I love this Shemane!! You should do a calendar with a new theme every month!!! You would be awesome!!! They would sell like crazy!!”

Another fan named simpson3592 said:

“I remember back in the day when you used to get on stage and
do a little dancing.”

You can see the Instagram post right below.