Veteran rock legend Ted Nugent’s wife Shemane Nugent has posted a recent photo on her official Instagram page, and penned down a sincere message with photo.

As you will read below, Shemane Nugent wrote a long caption about that photo.

“I have freckles, wrinkles, brown spots, & a few gray hairs (ok- more than a few!).

My lips aren’t big & neither is my butt, but I’m grateful for the little things; a body that moves, my ability to hear, see & smell.

But above all else, I’m blessed to have Jesus in my life. #prayer #christianwomenleaders #jesus #health.”

A fan named ianbornartist wrote that:

“It’s the little things we take for granted sometimes. When you realize that you wake up each day, though that day may be a bad one, it’s still a gift from God that he gave you one more day.

He gave us a greater gift his son Jesus, though we’re not perfect by any means the gifts he gives us each day it’s good to just take a minute and be thankful for what we do have.

It’s good to see a well known woman not to be afraid to admit she has Jesus as her savior, you and uncle Ted are awesome!!! 👍.”

Another fan named dba1423:

“You’re gorgeous. I don’t see why women want big lips n butts. It’s beyond me. If I could choose…’s Shemane for me!!😊😁😂.”

See the Instagram post below: