The well-known rock music veteran, Ted Nugent’s lovely wife, and famous social media personality, Shemane Nugent posted a recent video on her official Instagram page and shared the disrespectful behavior of his husband.

As you might check out the video right below, Shemane indicated that Ted put the dirty dishes to the dishwasher without even rinsing them.

Shemane told this in the video:

“Gosh! I would really apperciate that my husband is helping load the dishwasher.

It’s not gonna clean that!”

Here is that rare video right below.

Last month, Ted Nugent’s lovely wife Sheamane Nugent posted a recent Instagram photo on her official social media account today.

As you might read her statements, Shemane wrote a really emotional motivation letter to her followers with great words and revealed why she’s blown away these days.

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