Veteran rock musician Ted Nugent’s wife, Shemane Nugent has posted a new photo of herself on the official Instagram account, stunned the admirers by her amazing beauty despite her age.

If you check out the photo, Shemane showed off her gorgeous look while wearing a leopard patterned jacket and white pants, with heeled shoes. She also accessorized her appearance with a necklace and ring.

Here’s what Shemane Nugent wrote:

“I love it when people say that animal print is back in style. Has it ever really left?”

An Instagram user named lynnie_pooz commented and said this:

“No. It is ALWAYS in style. Especially Balmain 😍”

Another fan named jazzbuffin wrote this:

“You are one beautiful lady, and your husband is one great and lucky guy.”

See the Instagram photo below.