The Prodigy legend Keith Flint (49) found dead at his home in the Essex hamlet of Noth End on March 4, and recent inquest indicated that the Prodigy star took cocaine, booze, and codeine before hanging himself.

Senior Coroner Caroline Beasley-Murray talked with Daily Mirror and revealed the latest information about the inquest

Here is the report from The Daily Mirror:

Toxicology reports found Keith had cocaine, alcohol, and codeine in his system, the inquest at Chelmsford Coroners Cour geard.

When asked, “Was he larking around and it all went horribly wrong?”

Beasley-Murray said that:

“We will never quite know what was going on in his mind on that date and so that’s why I’m going to record an open conclusion. I’ve considered suicide. Having regard to all the circumstances I don’t find that there’s enough evidence for that.”

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