Original Pantera vocalist Terry Glaze appeared on the Talk Toomey podcast and remembered his time back in Pantera. Glaze also shared his memory with his former bandmate Dimebag Darrell, who passed away in 2004.

When Pantera was formed in 1981, Terry Glaze was in the original lineup as the second guitarist. Then, after Donny Hart’s departure, Glaze became the lead singer, and he contributed to the first three Pantera studio albums. However, Terry left the band due to some disagreements with his bandmates and was replaced by Phil Anselmo.

Although Glaze spent five years in Pantera, his powerful vocals are still stuck in the minds of many fans. After Pantera, Terry Glaze continued to play with various bands and collaborated with several musicians. He didn’t break his ties with Pantera and appeared on the band’s one-part documentary ‘Behind the Music: Pantera.’ Later on, in 2010, Glaze also performed a few Pantera songs with the bassist Rex Brown, another former Pantera member.

Dimebag Darrell also joined Pantera shortly after Terry Glaze, and the two played together in the band’s first three albums. In the conversation, Glaze was asked to rank his three favorite albums from Pantera, and his number one was ‘Vulgar Display of Power,’ which was released in 1992. Terry revealed that Darrell came to see him before the album’s release and started playing the opening track ‘Mouth for War’ by asking for his opinion. Glaze explained that being with Darrell that night was one of his ‘happiest moments.’

Here is Glaze’s response to his number one album from Pantera:

‘Vulgar Display of Power.’ I was playing in Dallas one night at the Basement, and Darrell came out to see us play. I was playing with Lord Tracy, and Darrell came to the show, I think he stage-dived or whatever, and after the gig, he goes, ‘Do you want to come out to the limo and hear my next record?’

He didn’t say it that way, but that’s what he was saying. I said, ‘Yeah.’ So, we go sit up there, he’s got a cassette tape before ‘Vulgar’ came out, and we sat in the backseat of a limo, and he played me ‘Vulgar Display.’ I remember ‘Mouth for War,’ he was air-guitaring, and he was looking at me like, he was like, ‘What do you think?’

I was like, ‘Van Halen.’ He was like, ‘I know, right?’ And that’s one of my happiest moments. When I think about Darrell, air-guitaring to ‘Mouth for War’ before it came out, in a back of a car, that was a good night.”

Then, when asked about how he felt when the album was released, Glaze said:

“I was just so proud of my friends. I was so happy. It was just so good. You hear something good like that, it’s unstoppable. Just that I got to hang out in the car with Darrell, that was a good night. My band was kicking ass at the same time, so there were no regrets.

I don’t really go that way. Once I make a decision, I take all the information and make the best decision I can, and then I just move. That might be the wrong one in somebody else’s opinion, but man, I’m freaking living the dream. I’m very thankful every day I wake up.”

You can listen to Pantera’s ‘Vulgar Display of Power’ below.