During a recent interview with ‘The Aquarian,’ Testament vocalist Chuck Billy talked about the band’s upcoming album ‘Titans of Creation,’ and made a statement about the past and today of the band’s newest members, Gene Hogland and Steve DiGiorgio.

As we all know, Gene played drums for the Testament before in 1996 and 1997 and Steve played bass in the group between 1998 and 2005. Gene rejoined in 2011 and also, Steve rejoined 2014.

When asked about rejoined Steve and Gene to the band, Billy has shared his thoughts about the addition of the two.

Here’s what Chuck Billy stated:

“Those two have so much history. They’ve worked together for so long that they are solid. I feel that right now, Testament has the best lineup of our career, both on and offstage.

We get along well. In this day and age, we have to live together on the road for long periods of time and we enjoy each other’s company. We have not grown sick of each other.”

He also mentioned Alex Skolnick’s influence on the band. He said:

“We knew where he stood musically even during the early years. Eric was the backbone of the Testament sound and how it would develop. Alex has always balanced things out with Eric.

He will come in with logical things to try out: a melody here or there, and it always seems to work out. The way they bounce ideas off of each other provides a good balance.”

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