Thrash metal legend Testament’s guitarist Eric Peterson spoke in an interview with Rock Sverige and revealed his thoughts about possibility of new studio album. He said:

“It’s kinda like the same thing we did last time. I’m librarying riffs right now and getting ideas. Some of the ideas are on my phone, some are on my Logic and a lot of my ideas I have in my notes.

I usually always go, ‘Oh, I’ll remember that.’ And then the next day I go, ‘Fuck, what the hell was that?’ What I do now is if I have an idea, I’ll just get my phone out and hit the voice memo and I’ll write down what I thought and e-mail it.

It seems to work pretty well, because when I go back to it a month later it’s like, ‘Alright, that’s where it was!’ I’ll look at my notes and I heard like one little piece of a note somewhere. That’s happened to me my whole life. There are so many riffs that have gone through my fingers that would’ve taken us to another level, but I forgot.

I don’t know that for sure, but I remember that they were really good. I used to have dreams of a song, with singing and everything and when I wake up I remember it, but then I get up and make coffee and it starts fading and it’s like, ‘Oh shit!'”

On Kirk Hammett’s phone losing incident, he said:

“Yeah, I was just thinking that when I said phone, ‘I wonder if that will be brought up?’ I won’t lose my phone and it also goes to my iCloud, so I don’t know what kinda phone he had. What about your iCloud, Kirk?”

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