During a recent conversation with ‘EMP España,’ Testament guitarist Alex Skolnick has shared his thought about Metallica, and he revealed Y&T was far better than Metallica.

Alex said that Y&T played with Scorpions and Metallica at the band’s ‘A Day on the Green’ concert, which was held in Oakland, California, in 1985, and claimed that the band played better than Metallica.

Here’s what Alex Skolnick stated:

“I saw a lot of bands fail at… they go Y&T, that at one time they were all over the radio and it was just great hard rock. They were over Metallica.

They played this famous concert with Scorpions and Metallica called ‘A Day on the Green’ [in 1985 in Oakland, CA] and they were above Metallica, and it looked like they would continue to grow, except they were even more accessible.”

He continued:

“But then they changed their sound, and they really tried to get played on the radio and just made it very commercial and it was hard to listen to.”

He also added:

“So I think you can make that mistake, and then I think Metallica did it very well because when they came out with the ‘Black Album’ [in 1991], it still had that sound and that intensity of the earlier music; it was just slower and it opened up for a bigger audience, it was easier to listen to.

They did it well, and I think every group is different. I think Testament is not good at making plans. Testament is just going to sound like Testament no matter what.”

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You can also watch Y&T’s song called I’m Coming Home via Youtube below.