Testament guitarist Alex Skolnick and The Wildhearts’ Ginger shared new tweets on their accounts today and reacted to Eric Clapton’s recent words about vaccination requirements of his upcoming events.

You may remember from our recently published article that Eric Clapton made a controversial announcement last week and stated that he will not perform on any stage where the vaccine is required. Clapton also declared that unless there is a provision made for all people to attend, he may cancel his upcoming events.

Upon Eric’s statement, an actress and Wolf Van Halen’s mother Valerie Bertinelli shared the news with a rare photo that features Clapton, the late legend Eddie Van Halen and Valerie herself saying, ‘Once a d*ck, always a d*ck.’

Recently, Testament’s Skolnick and Ginger Wildheart slammed Clapton upon his controversial words by posting new tweets on their official Twitter pages. While Ginger admits that he will celebrate Clapton’s death just like he did Mary Whitehouse, Margaret Thatcher, and his stepfather, Alex supported Valerie by saying she has first-hand knowledge about Clapton.

Ginger reacted to Eric’s words saying:

“I will celebrate Eric Clapton’s death, just as I did those of Thatcher, Mary Whitehouse, and my first stepfather.

I respect the fact that you would never celebrate the death of someone.”

And here is what Alex Skolnick said:

“This tweet should be in the dictionary under, ‘No F’s Given.’ (Go Val!)”

Later on, he added yet another tweet adding:

“I think it just says that she has first-hand knowledge, having spent time in a room with him. If you see pics of EVH in a room with other heroes, Iommi, May, etc… They are smiling, laughing. True, they’re chilling here, but no one looks too happy.”

You can check out the tweets below.