Testament lead guitarist Alex Skolnick posted a video to announce his new rap duo Hu$h Money along with the release of their debut song and he gave specific details about his new project on his Instagram account.

Previously, Skolnick proved that he has a multitalented musician after he started work on other genres such as jazz and rap. The guitarist released two rap songs, ‘Trump Sucks’ and ‘Wear a F**king Mask’ to criticize the ongoing social and political problems in society through his music.

Moreover, Alex Skolnick returned to rap with his new project Hu$h Money including his alter ego Skoly-D and Kimmy G aka Kimmy Gordon to draw attention to these absurd times full of crisis by creating a ‘comic relief.’ He also collaborated with Jonathan Hyppolite, Frankie Fulleda, and Robot Guy for their record.

The duo dropped their first song entitled ‘B.I.G. L.I.E.’ on January 6, 2022. The Testament icon showed off his rap skills once again by combining his witty songwriting style. He stated that he wanted to reflect his opinions on the 2020 Capitol Attack with his new song.

Here’s what Skolnick wrote on his IG post:

“World Premiere: ‘B.I.G. L.I.E.’

Alright, folks! I have a few things to say about January 6th and I’m going to do so, the best way I know how: Comedic Rap! The full video is on YouTube.

Ever since my 1st rap tune in 2020, I’ve been getting hounded for more. This time I’ve brought along a few friends. Kimmy Gorden, Jonathan Hyppolite, and crucially, Frankie Fulleda crushed it on the directing. Oh, we also have Robot Guy from Dave Chappelle’s show! Most of this was shot back in July, that sweet spot in between vaccinations and Omicron when it felt like the city was opening up again.

I was sure we’d release it in the Fall, but the post-process got complicated for too many reasons to get into here. Now, I hope you enjoy it regardless of political leanings (there’s really nothing partisan about it, as plenty of tried and true Republicans – old school Republicans- agree).

We live in absurd times, we’re simply pointing ’em out. We look forward to all reactions, it’s all part of the art. So if you absolutely hate this and are compelled to reply with zingers…well, make ’em good!”

He added:

“Sample Of Official Press Release:

Hu$h Money is a rap duo featuring Skoly-D and Kimmy G. Check out their first video ‘B.I.G. L.I.E,’ a take on the events that took place one year ago, January 6, 2021.

‘B.I.G. L.I.E.’ deals with plenty of non-laughing matters, yet we can all use a little comic relief,’ says Skoly-D, who is rumored to be the song’s composer and producer, Alex Skolnick, well known as a celebrated guitarist of metal and jazz (he and Skoly have never been seen in the same room).

‘B.I.G L.I.E.’ is as much a tribute to New York, its resilience and ever-present wackiness, as it is a takedown of nationwide right-wing echo chambers. In a t-shirt emblazoned with the oversized logo of the influential Run-DMC, Skoly skewers Fox News, election denialism, and insurrection revisionism.”

You can listen to the song below.