Testament guitarist Alex Skolnick has shared the photos of legendary guitarists, Randy Rhoads, Bernie Torme and Dick Dale, on Instagram.

As you known, godfather of surf guitar, Dick Dale has passed away at the age of 81 yesterday. The cause of death is not yet known.

Yesterday, Former Ozzy Osbourne guitarist Bernie Torme has passed away at the age of 66. Bernie was extremely battling “virulent double pneumonia” since last three months.

Alex Skolnick wrote on Instagram:

“Sad days for the world of guitar. Dick Dale was a cultural force whose influence could be heard in film soundtracks – from the James Bond Theme to Pulp Fiction (his own track opens the movie) – as well as much guitar music that followed, especially punk & metal. Hendrix was a fan, as were the Beatles (the riff from “Day Tripper” seems inspired by DD).

Bernie Torme worked with Ian Gillian, Dee Snider & others & had the thankless task of filling in on guitar for Ozzy’s band almost immediately following the loss of the late great Randy Rhoads. Ironically, Bernie left us yesterday, one day short of the anniversary of Randy’s passing, today Mar 19. RIP DD, BT & RR 🎸 🎸 🎸”

See the Instagram post below.

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