We left the year 2016 behind and took a brand new step. A lot of musicians passed away unexpectedly in the past year. Terrorist attacks have caused huge damage and kills to the whole world. We had a cursed year.

Testament guitarist Alex Skolnick share his ideas on this subject. He posted a article on Facebook titled “The “Curse” & Cursing of 2016″. Here is the post:

Until yesterday, I hadn’t gotten in on cursing “2016.” The loss of Carrie Fisher, an actress who played a beloved fictional character from one of our most iconic film franchise of all time – and a highly inspiring figure off screen as well – pushed me, a staunch bandwagon-avoider, to hop on board. It was helped by the fact that this news capped three major artistic losses in a row (following George Michael and Alphonse Mouzon) in as many days. This is following a year of difficult news unlike any in our lifetimes (and goes beyond artistic loss, but we won’t get into that)…

I’m guessing I’m not alone in this. There is a spike in both cursing 2016, senses that the year is “cursed,” along with pleas for this year to end already as well. There is a surge of replies to posts (my own and others) attempting to sound like “the adult in the room,” reminding us that it is not 2016’s fault, more bad news is coming – better suck it up, buttercup. These include the attached Medium article. Such messages – which seem well intentioned for the most part – are missing a point. I feel the need to reply:

Yes, more heroes will continue to pass in 2017 and beyond. Yes, death is an inevitability of life – the yang to its yin. Yes, many of our icons are reaching ages beyond average life expectancies (some admittedly beyond their own expectations given past vices). Yes, people die everyday. Yes, some of our icons sadly suffer from poor health and/or addictions and die prematurely. Yes, no one’s getting any younger. Yes, 2016 is a non-concrete entity and 2017 isn’t coming along to make everything better. And yes, there is a certain silliness to cursing a particular year (or any period of time – the measurement of which is a manmade social construct).

But you know what?

Sometimes you just need to vent. So why not vent at a number on the calendar? Is it so wrong? What are we going to do, hurt its feelings? As some point out, it doesn’t even exist! That’s right, 2016 has no feelings, but we do. And in moments of so much loss, there’s a sense that our feelings are all we’ve got left.

So go ahead, say it. No, it won’t fix anything. It won’t bring anyone back from the dead. It won’t prevent more loss from happening (which it will). But it’ll feel good, dammit. It’s just one tiny moment – a guilty pleasure, a catharses if you will. But as long as one recognizes reality, there’s nothing wrong with it. It causes no harm and no one gets hurt. Are you ready? Let’s say it together…One, Two, Three: “F*CK YOU, 2016!!”