Testament’s Alex Skolnick reflected on Will Smith’s controversial moments in one of his recent Twitter posts. The rocker stated that Smith should not have reacted in such a way even if he was right about the issue.

Chris Rock made a joke about Jada Smith’s hair during the ceremony by referencing ‘G.I Jane.’ However, Will Smith did not like this joke because Jada Smith has recently suffered from a medical condition that causes hair loss. Although he laughed at first, he suddenly went onto the stage and hit Rock.

The incident initially made everyone question whether it was a staged moment. While the actor was getting his award, he made an apology speech. Social media users and celebrities have been making comments about this incident. For instance, Paul Stanley called Smith’s attitude weak.

One of the famous names who commented on it was Testament guitarist Alex Skolnick. He showed his reaction to his recent tweets, indicating that he could not believe Smith used violence to react to the situation at the Academy Awards. Skolnick said that Smith could talk to Rock after the ceremony was finished. He added that there was no excuse for such an incident.

Alex Skolnick wrote in his tweet that:

“I missed Oscars 2022 and a whole lot, apparently. Quick thought: Wasn’t he the ‘nice’ rapper? Meanwhile, ‘scary’ rappers have great senses of humor, Ice-T and Snoop (his IG is lol funny). Come on, Will Smith. You don’t have to like Chris Rock’s joke, but an ugly meltdown? Violence? Wtf?”

He added:

“Even if the backstory is somehow fight-worthy, he could confront Chris the next day (or even that night backstage or at the afterparty if he must) but don’t interrupt the show and drag all the other nominees, attendees, films, and the rest of the world into your drama. No excuses.”

You can see Skolnick’s tweets below.