Testament lead vocalist Chuck Billy recently shared a video on his verified Instagram account to talk about the Covid-19 measures for the upcoming tours and meet-and-greet sessions of the band.

You may know that most of the bands in the music scene have had to postpone or reschedule their live shows due to the global pandemic for almost two years. After numerous states in America started allowing live events and public gatherings, Testament made an official announcement on its website last month to reveal the dates of their ‘The Bay Strikes’ tour.

Last year, Testament released their thirteenth studio album named ‘Titans Of Creation’ via Nuclear Blast Records. The album features twelve never-released-before songs including an instrumental track named ‘Catacombs.’ Since Testament could not promote their album due to the Covid-19 outbreak, this will be their first opportunity to sing their songs in front of the audience.

Today, Testament frontman Chuck Billy shared a new video on Instagram to talk about the restrictions that will take place in ‘The Bay Strikes’ during which they will share the same stage with Exodus and Death Angel. Chuck stated that those who want to come to see the show without being vaccinated should definitely wear masks to keep everybody safe.

The frontman also apologized to his fanbase saying the upcoming meet-and-greet events will be a little bit different. According to Testament star, the band members will offer a soundcheck to the VIP ticket owners since they won’t be able to hang out with fans like they used to do due to the risk of contracting the virus.

Chuck shared his thoughts in his Instagram post saying:

“We’re getting ready to get back on tour October and November, with ‘The Bay Strikes Back,’ with Testament, Exodus, and Death Angel. A killer package. I just wanna talk about it a little bit… Of course, you guys know we came off ‘The Bay Strikes Back’ in Europe. I think everybody in the bands — all three bands — was sick with COVID.

So we’re getting ready to go out on this tour, and we’ve gotta kind of approach things a little differently. First of all, we wanna be able to put on a performance and a show for everybody that’s been stuck at home for so long dying to get some music shows under the belt.

So we’re gonna do things a little different as far as… We do wanna offer a meet-and-greet with our fans, but we’re gonna do things a little bit different and offer a soundcheck so we actually don’t really have to touch each other and be that close to each other to spread a virus if someone does carry it. Because if one person gets sick on this tour, the tour is over. So, we’re trying to do everything we can to keep the fans safe, to keep the bands safe, and keep us working so the tour doesn’t end.”

The Testament frontman continued:

“So I wanna apologize, ’cause I know I like to come out after the show and hang out with some fans, sign things, talk to everybody. And it’s gonna be a little different this time. So I wanna apologize in advance to those of you who’ve been hanging out after the shows and I visit with. You’re gonna have to wait a little longer — maybe until next summer, when the tour comes through. But I wanted to make everybody aware of that.

We’re all gonna have to do this together, do our part. Either be vaccinated and if you’re not vaccinated and you wanna come to see the show, do everybody else a favor — wear a mask. I mean, that’s your choice. We’re just trying to do everything we can to keep this tour going, keep fans entertained, and, most of all, keep us and the crews working. I would hate to get out there and start a tour and then, in the middle of it, somebody gets sick and the whole tour’s done. So, we’re all in it together.

We’re looking forward to ‘The Bay Strikes Back’. It’s gonna be a kick-ass tour. Get your tickets, if you haven’t. They’re selling really good, some sold-out shows already. So we’re looking forward to it. It’s been a year and a half since we got to perform a little over a year and a half. So, here we come. We’ll see everybody real soon.”

Right after sharing the video, former Dream Theater star who currently works with Sons of Apollo and Liquid Tension Experiment, Mike Portnoy, supported his friend saying:

“Way to go bro!”

You can check out the video Chuck shared as an Instagram post and the official dates of the upcoming tour below.

Photo Credit: Testament – Instagram