Yoko Ono and The Beatles legend John Lennon’s lovely son, Sean Ono Lennon has posted a recent photo on his official Instagram page. Sean confessed that Jimi Hendrix is the only person whose death made him in tears.

Although Jimi Hendrix‘s death was before his born, Sean said that he cried for Jimi, even though he has never seen him once in a life.

On this rare photo that Sean Ono Lennon has shared, Jimi is playing guitar in his backyard with his iconic and well-known stage pose.

Here’s what Sean captioned:

“Jimi is the only person who died before I was born whose death has made me break down in tears.”

An Instagram user named dave.gammon commented and said this:

“There’s a great video I just saw on YouTube of Jimi playing an acoustic guitar that’s fun to see.”

Another fan named grizzlydave85 wrote:

“Your father passed before I was born, and I cried when I fully had realized that he was no longer with us when I was a teen”

See the Instagram photo below.