The legendary late icon of The Beatles, John Lennon’s official Instagram page shared yet another golden-worth photo of his wife and life-long friend, Yoko Ono.

Also, John Lennon‘s official social media account has revealed a rare backstory of those photos.

Photographer Iain Macmillan’s little-known statement about that photos revealed by John’s Instagram page.

You can find why John Lennon has taken a photo at the Battery Park by the caption of the photo:

Scottish photographer Iain Macmillan is well known as the photographer who shot @TheBeatles’ cover for Abbey Road.

When John & Yoko visited NYC, Iain went with them to document them making their new album’s accompanying feature-length film, Imagine.

This oversize contact sheet of 12 photos features pictures of John & Yoko performing Yoko’s Listening Piece with a stethoscope and posing for portraits in Battery Park, New York City on 4 September 1971.”

You can see all those photos right below.