One of the best musicians of all time, John Lennon’s official Instagram account posted a really rare video of Jonh Lennon telling a great story named The Wrestling Dog in front of the camera.

As you will see below, John’s telling the story by heart that he slaps himself to mimic the story.

Here is the story of the video:


One upon a tom in a far off distant land far across the sea miles away from anyway over the hills as the crow barks 39 people lived miles away from anywhere on a little island on a distant land.⠀

When harvest time came along all the people celebrated with a mighty feast and dancing and that. It was Perry’s (for Perry was the Loud Mayor) job to provide (and Perry’s great pleasure I might add) a new and exciting (and it usually was) thrill and spectacular performer (sometimes a dwarf was used), this year Perry had surpassed himself by getting a Wrestling Dog! But who would fight this wondrous beast? I wouldn’t for a kickoff.”

Here is the video below.