The Beatles’ late legend, John Lennon’s verified Instagram page has shared yet another golden-worth photo of John Lennon with their followers.

The page of John Lennon has shared the photos of John for years, and these photos were looking very low quality. This time, the page shared a really high-quality photo of John Lennon.

Also, the page has explained the story of the photo with the post. The photo was taken on 14 December 1970 in New York.

You can read more about the photo right below:


John Lennon photographed by @AnnieLeibovitz on the film set for ‘Up Your Legs Forever’ at 3 W61st St., New York, #onthisday 14 December 1970.”

A fan named dibo1067 commented:

“I sorry, it was not the Dakota this was from 1970 John lived 1972 in the Dakota.”

Another fan named musikpanther said:

“When people tell me Sean doesn’t look like John… I show them this.”

You can see the Instagram post right below.