The legendary late musician of The Beatles, John Lennon’s verified and official Instagram page posted a new and very little-known photo of John today.

As you will see in the photo below, John Lennon had a really different haircut on that rare frame.

Here is the story of that special photo:


Astrid Kirchherr:

“I liked the rough surrounding of the rusty steel and bits of iron, and lorries. It fits with the Beatles’ scruffiness; but when you look in their faces, compared to the rough surrounding, that’s the contrast I was after… I tried to capture John’s wit and sensitivity.”⠀

Photo by Astrid Kirchherr at the Hamburger Dom funfair, Heiligengeistfeld, Feldstrasse, Hamburg, November 1960″

A user named seekereyes made one of the most-liked comments:

“One of the John’s most beautiful photos.”

You can see the photo right below.