21 years ago, John Lennon’s son from his first marriage with Cynthia Lennon, Julian Lennon had an interview with The Telegraph. According to that rare interview, Julian brutally called his father as a ‘hypocrite.’

Daily and Sunday Express’ Minnie Wright transcribed the interview of Julian, and she unburied the disappointment of Julian when he learned that John left them for a new life with Yoko Ono.

Here is what Julian Lennon said:

“I have to say that, from my point of view, I felt he was a hypocrite. Dad could talk about peace and love out loud to the world but he could never show it to the people who supposedly meant the most to him: his wife and son.

How can you talk about peace and love and have a family in bits and pieces — no communication, adultery, divorce? You can’t do it, not if you’re being true and honest with yourself.”

The interviewer asked:

“Is it fair to blame John for being a poor father?”

Julian Lennon responded:

“Yeah, I do. If you bring a child into this world, whether it’s planned or an accident, you’d better make sure you can care for it. You have to be around. You make time. It’s as simple as that.”

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