Speaking in a recent interview with Talk Is Jericho podcast, Iron Maiden guitarist Adrian Smith revealed a story about how Maiden guitarist Dave Murray met The Beatles legend, Paul McCartney.

In the conversation, Adrian shared the story he received from Dave Murray and revealed what Paul McCartney thinks about Iron Maiden. Also, he mentioned Johhny Cash’s thoughts too.

Here’s the story that Adrian told:

“Dave Murray said he met Paul McCartney, and the first thing Paul McCartney said was, ‘Oh, my kids got pictures of Iron Maiden over their wall.’

Johnny Cash said the same thing – I mean, how bizarre is that? Johnny Cash turned up at a soundcheck of ours once, we have a soundcheck at this club, and all of a sudden this guy walks in, in a long, black gunfire coat.

I’m standing on the stage playing ‘Wrathchild’ or something, and I think to myself, ‘Bloody hell, that’s Johnny Cash!’

So, we finish the soundcheck, head to our dressing room, and here comes Johnny. Loveliest guy, really great energy. And he’s with his band, and he said to me, ‘My grandkids love you guys.’ Of course, I got his autograph. [Laughs]”

Click here for the source of the statement. You can listen to the entire interview here. You can listen to the song that Adrian mentioned in the story below.