Photo Credit: Bob Gruen

During a recent interview with Parade, The Beatles drummer Ringo Starr has shared an never-told-before story about Yoko Ono and her husband John Lennon’s bed in recording studio of the band.

Interviewer mentioned about Yoko Ono and her status in the movie of The Beatles, than Ringo has shared a little-known story about her. Here’s what he told:

“I remember, she was in bed in the studio when we got to work and it wasweird. I asked John, “What the hell is going on?” And he said, “You know when you go home to Maureen [Ringo’s first wife], she’ll say, ‘What did you do today?’ And you‘ll say, ‘Well, I drummed.’” John said, “We want to be there with whatever we’re both doing.” They wanted to be in each other’s company. And that was fine by me, once you knew what the situation was.”

Interviewer asked a question about the recent movie about The Beatles, “Let It Be”, and said:

“In the same way that the Let It Be film was seen as a sad end to the Beatles, many originally saw 1968’s White Album [officially titled The Beatles] as a chronicle of a band coming apart. Was that accurate?”

Ringo responded:

“We were not falling apart at all until we split. We played together right up until that. I love the White Album. I mean, Pepper [Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band] was great, but there was a lot of sitting around. We were like studio guys. This time, we were back to being a band. People say, “What’s your favorite song on there?” I love “Yer Blues.” We’re in a six-foot room—amps, drums, vocal mics. No separation. It was like, “Yeah!””

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