One of the finest musicians of all time, The Beatles’ John Lennon’s official Instagram account posted a really rare photo of Paul McCartney and John Lennon.

As you will see below, the photo is taken by Yoko-Ono and you can easily se her feet right below the photo.

Here’s what’s written on the caption:


John and Paul working on ‘Maxwell’s Silver Hammer’ for The Beatles’ Abbey Road album, photographed by Yoko Ono in Studio 2 at EMI Studios, Abbey Road, 10 July, 1969.”

A user named “somerdouglas said this on the photo:

“ngl thought John was jesus 🚫🧢”

tavejuan commented on the photo and said:

“Get that girlfriend out of the studio pls. John broke the holly rule of bands😁”

You can see the photo right below.