The Beatles’ legendary musician Paul McCartney had a new interview with the iconic TV/Radio host Howard Stern and revealed really untold details about his relationship with late star John Lennon.

As he gave lots of background information from the earlier days of the band, Paul stated that he has never think Paul as an enemy or rival, and they were just two kids that make music together.

Here is what Howard Stern asked:

“When is that coming out, Paul?”

Paul McCartney responded and shared his honest opinion about their relationship:

“Nobody knows when anything’s coming out right now, you know? But it will come out and Disney is gonna release it. But it’s so lovely for me because I’d kind of bought into this whole idea that, ‘Oh, I and John were rivals and didn’t like each other,’ and stuff.

“But you see the film and it’s like, ‘Thank God it’s not true.’ We’re guys, we’re obviously having fun together, you can see it, you know, we respect each other and we’re making music together and it’s – it’s a joy to see it unfold.

You can check out Howard and Paul’s earlier interview right below.

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