The living legend of The Beatles and 3 million followed Instagram phenomenon, Paul McCartney, has shared a rare photo to celebrate ‘Internation Nurse’s Day’ on his verified account but diligent fans have caught a fascinating detail on the frame.

As some of the fans in the comment section of the post have noticed an incredible detail about the photo, the nurse on the right is Paul McCartney’s mother, Mary Patricia McCartney, who was buried on 3 November 1956.

However, Paul did not want to mention that important detail on the caption of the post.

Here is what he wrote:

“It’s #InternationalNursesDay today and we bless all of them for what they do. Love Paul #PaulMcCartney #IND2020”

A user named beckydecker1612 commented on the post:

“Beautiful… When I find myself in times of trouble, mother Mary comes to me… she would be so proud of Paul & Mike ❤️”

Another follower of Paul named chuusblackgf asked:

“Is that his mom on the right. 🥺”

An Instagram user named Angiejlee chimed in and made everyone laugh their ass off:

“No. She’s on the left.”

You may see that rare image of Paul’s mother below.