Paul McCartney, the bassist and co-lead singer of the worldwide famous band the Beatles, shared three posts on his official Twitter page in order to promote his upcoming album ‘McCartney III.’

As you may remember, Paul McCartney has been posting mysterious pictures of flowers and mushrooms on his official Instagram page with the same caption consisted of a dice emoji with the number three on it and left his fans with curiosity and guessing the meaning of it all.

After leaving his fans in the dark for a while, McCartney finally revealed the true reason behind his cryptic posts by sharing three videos in a row on his official Instagram page. It turned out that his fans’ guesses were true after all and ‘McCartney III’ will be released.

With the announcement of the new album, the release date also is now known, and ‘McCartney III’ will be released on December 11, 2020. All songs are written by Paul McCartney himself and the album has a side A consists of 6 songs, and a side B consists of 5 songs, make the ‘McCartney III’ an album with 11 songs total.

While fans are thrilled with this exciting news, Paul McCartney has been using his official Twitter page to promote his new album. Apparently, he joined a viral trend on social media named ‘How it started/How it ended’ and shared three posts related to his brand new album ‘McCartney III.’

His fans were already on the edge of their seats and were waiting for the release date to come and now they all are pleasantly surprised by the fact that Sir Paul McCartney used a social media trend to promote his new album. Even a fan stated that that is the greatest tweet thread he has ever laid eyes on.

You can see the Twitter posts below.