The Beatles legend Paul McCartney spoke in the recent interview with The Howard Stern Show and revealed his real thoughts about the competition between The Rolling Stones and The Beatles.

In the conversation, Paul McCartney explained the differences between these two legendary bands. He said that The Rolling Stones is a great band and complimented the band members one by one.

However, Paul stated that The Beatles are just better than The Rolling Stones. He explained this by revealing the conversation between him and The Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards, which Keith said to Paul that The Beatles were lucky to have four singers.

Here is what Paul McCartney said:

“Well, you know, Howard, you know you’re gonna persuade me to agree with that one. I’ve always said it but the thing is, The Stones are a fantastic group, I go see them every time they come out. They’re just a great, great band.

Mick can really do it, the singing and the moves and Keith, and now Ronnie, you know, and Charlie, I mean, they’re great, I love ’em.”

He added:

“But they’re just rooted in the blues, and so when they’re writing stuff, it’s to do with the blues. Whereas, we had a little more influences. I mean, Keith once said to me, ‘You’re lucky, man,’ he said, ‘You have four singers in your band,’ he said,’ ‘We got one.’

You know, there’s a lot of differences, and I love The Stones, but I’m with you – The Beatles were better.”

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