The Beatles legend Paul McCartney has made a bold accusation against The Rolling Stones members and claimed that they copied The Beatles, according to Cheat Sheet.

As you might already know, the vocalist of The Rolling Stones, Mick Jagger, called Paul McCartney in the past and admitted that he admires The Beatles because of having four singers in the band.

Additionally, Mick Jagger revealed what he doesn’t like about The Beatles in the conversation with Radio Times, and he stated that they are bad at performing live even though the studio records were great.

After all these statements from both band members, Paul McCartney stated that The Rolling Stones copied what they did back in the day. He mentioned that The Rolling Stones toured the United States, went psychedelic, and dressed like wizards after The Beatles did all of those.

Here is what Paul McCartney said:

“That is the truth. Look at the history: The Beatles go to America, a year later they come too. We wrote their first single, I Wanna Be Your Man. We go psychedelic, they go psychedelic. We dress as wizards, they dress as wizards…”

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In January, Paul McCartney has shared a new photo on his official Instagram account and revealed his feelings after the death of NBA star Kobe Bryant.

Paul has stated that it’s sad to hear what happened to an impressive human being and also, he prayed for his soul and love to his family. Click here for the details.