Legendary vocalist Jon Bon Jovi spoke in the recent interview with The Howard Stern Show and explained why he is calling ‘Beatle Paul’ to The Beatles icon Paul McCartney.

As you might already know, Bon Jovi announced their upcoming album ‘Bon Jovi: 2020,’ which will release on May 15, 2020, and they played together with Paul McCartney in this album.

In the conversation, Jon revealed the reaction of Paul after he called him as ‘Beatle Paul,’ and he stated that he is too old for calling Paul as Sir McCartney and not close enough to dare that call him Paul.

Howard Stern asked:

“Do you think he likes you calling him ‘Beatle Paul?'”

Jon Bon Jovi replied:

“It’s funny, I just ran into him again and whenever you run into him you become a teenage fan. I was with him and we went to see the Eagles play and I said, ‘Beatle Paul,’ and he said, ‘Why do you call me Beatle Paul?’

I said, ‘Because I’m too old to call you Mr. McCartney and I’m too in reverence to dare think that we’re that close that I can call you Paul.”

He added:

“So I said, ‘Would you like ‘Your majesty’ or ‘Beatle Paul’?’ Because he’s a Beatle, for God’s sake! And also one of the sweetest guys you’ve ever met in your life.”

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