The legendary musician of The Beatles, Paul McCartney was recently interviewed by AI Roker and revealed the disrespectful behavior of his beloved granddaughters and grandsons. ,

Paul honestly admitted that his grandkids didn’t care that him being a world-famous musician.

Here is what Paul said, transcribed by Alternative Nation:

“No, no they didn’t. You say, ‘People come to see me! People pay to come and see me! I’m famous!’ ‘Yeah, alright. We’re watching TV.’

They gradually get the fame thing, like people always wanting a photo of me, but they’re cool with it.”

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Yesterday, we published an article about how John Lennon’s official and verified account posted really rare video footage of Yoko Ono and John.

Here is what they wrote about the video:

“Above Us Only Sky provides a deep dive into previously unreleased recordings, including the first demo of ‘Imagine’, and unseen film, as well as both archive and brand-new interviews.”

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