One of the most famous TV/Radio hosts of this era and well-known personality on the community, Howard Stern, had a new interview with Paul McCartney and exposed his thoughts on his long-time buddy and former bandmate, Ringo Starr.

As you will check out some part of the conversation below, Paul stated that he’s loving Ringo as a brother and feels extremely excited playing with him.

Here is the caption of the video:

“This is my brother… I love this guy,” Paul McCartney said of how it’s still magical to play live on stage with his The Beatles bandmate Ringo Starr.

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And here is what Paul said:

“You know, when so much time goes by you get to reflect some of the great things in your life. To me, the other guys in The Beatles sustained the greatest things in my life. No denying it. So, I get a chance to play with Ringo, it’s magical!

You know, I normally face audience all the time and he’s behind me. This time I turned around and said, ‘This is Ringo man! This is my brother… I love this guy!”

You can watch the video right below.