The Beatles bassist Paul McCartney celebrated St. George’s Day with a rare special photo of George Harrison and here is what he wrote:

“Happy #StGeorgesDay, saints and others!
#PaulMcCartney #GeorgeHarrison #GeorgeMartin #TheBeatles #AbbeyRoad”

The Beatles fans also commented on the photo and sent their mourners to George Harrison.

A fan named Thomas wrote:

“I miss you George, you are an inspiration RIP.”

User named Lovesluv2 commented:

“Happy St George’s Day❤️ My lovely British, grandad’s name💋 🇬🇧”

Gem28111 said that:

Happy St George’s day to Paul, John, George, and Ringo. Stay safe and well..🙏❤️😊🇬🇧

You can see the photo and other comments below: