The Beatles legend Paul McCartney spoke in the talk with his official website and unveiled the thing that changed his life deeply by replying to a fan’s question.

In the conversation, Paul stated that the advent of rock and roll was changed his life forever, and he was so excited when he first met this kind of music.

Also, he mentioned the rockstars like Elvis Presley, Ray Charles, and Little Richard, and said that these musicians changed his view of music forever.

A fan named Wayne asked:

“What is the one thing that has changed your approach to music forever?’”

Paul McCartney replied:

“The advent of rock and roll. It’s very hard to imagine now that there was a time before rock and roll, because it’s now history. But there really was! We were kids from Liverpool being brought up on more traditional music from my dad’s era.

It would be a family party, and he would play the piano, and people would sit around having a sing-song, so that was great. And I still love that kind of music. Then on the radio, there were a lot of novelty songs, a lot of comedy songs.”

Paul continued:

“But then rock and roll came along, and it was a completely different sound. And very exciting! And it was like – wow! It gave you a completely different feeling from anything you’d ever felt with music…

…So yeah, it was a very exciting time, and I think that’s what changed my view of music forever.”

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