During in a recent interview with Sharyn Alfonsi from 60 Minutes Overtime, The Beatles bassist Paul McCartney has shared untold story about late singer John Lennon and his girlfriend Yoko Ono.

Paul shared his memory of a photograph that Yoko Ono was in it.

Here’s the conversation:

Paul McCartney: We were in the studio downstairs puttin’ finishing touches to the album. And– we had another title going on that we didn’t really like. So I just said, “Hey, why don’t we just call it Abbey Road? And what we could do, we just go right outside, walk across the crossing. (SLAPS) It’s done.” You know, and it was like, “Yeah, okay.” Everyone agreed. So—

Sharyn Alfonsi: Where– where were your shoes?

Paul McCartney: I had sandals on. But I just left them over here to the left. ‘Cause it was a very hot day. This is outside Abbey Road after we’d made the Abbey Road crossing picture. And I remember talking to John about his taxes. Someone had said to me, “You better warn him ’cause he doesn’t know what’s going on.”

Sharyn Alfonsi: About taxes. That’s why you have this glum look on your face?

Paul McCartney: (LAUGH) That’s maybe why he’s got the glum look. I’ve got the, “I need to talk to you about your taxes look.” (LAUGH)

Sharyn Alfonsi: What about this one?

Paul McCartney: This is– in our back garden. And– Yoko’s in it. And you could see by the looks on our faces all– all except John we’re kinda going– “Why is she in the Beatles’ photo?”

Sharyn Alfonsi: But how did that–

Paul McCartney: Because–

Sharyn Alfonsi: –happen?

Paul McCartney: How did what?

Sharyn Alfonsi: That she was allowed in the photo?

Paul McCartney: ‘Cause they were madly in love. And John wanted to take her everywhere. I think none of us dared say, “John, you know.” But we all felt it. So it was a bit awkward for us I must admit.

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