The Beatles legend Paul McCartney has made a quick question and answer session with his official website and revealed why tea is a big deal for him except being an ordinary English guy who loves to sip.

While PaulMcCartney’s official website states that every single member of their office loves to drink tea with lots of combinations, they also wanted to know how Paul McCartney prefers his tea.

Paul McCartney admitted that he prefers to use just one sugar with his tea to prevent health issues. However, some days he can go one and a half and call it a cheat day.

A Twitter user named ‘Teatlemania’ asked this and they’ve addressed to Paul:

“How do you take your tea?”

Paul McCartney responded:

“How do I take my tea? I take my tea with some soya milk and one sugar. If I’m really feeling naughty, one and a half sugars… I know, I’m living on the edge!

The funny thing is, I’m not a big tea drinker, but at the studio, these things become a ritual. You guys have seen me drink it at the office too. It’s like – here’s a bagel, with a cup of tea. And that’s the only time I ever really have tea.

I drink it at the studio or at the office, it just seems to fit. I don’t want a big lunch, so just that bagel and tea is great. And yeah, that’s how I take it – soya milk and one sugar.”

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