Indisputably one of the most admirable and active names of the music industry, Paul McCartney, announced on his official Instagram account that he demands, along with many artists, the protection of the live music industry from the UK government.

As we all know, COVID-19 has affected lots of leisure industries and the economy in general. To repair its economy and to provide the vitality, the British government decided to restart two pastimes, football, and pubs. Now the British artists and musicians want a third act from the government to repair the live music.

Wit his recent post on Instagram, McCartney revealed his own stance about the issue and initiated a movement. He asked the fans to use the hashtag #LetTheMusicPlay and share photos and videos of the last show they went to.

On the post, it was stated that:

Today Paul joins artists, promoters, agents, venues and more in asking the UK government to protect the live music industry. Share photos and videos of the last show you went to using the hashtag #LetTheMusicPlay to show your support!”

You can see McCartney’s Instagram post below.