The Beatles legend Paul McCartney admits that he had no idea about Michael Jackson’s dark side before watching his latest documentary, Leaving Neverland.

Here is what Sir Paul McCartney said about Michael Jackson, and his ‘dark side’ to Radio Futuro in Chile:

“Obviously Michael was a great singer, a great artist and a great dancer. For years we’ve loved that. Nobody knew about the other side that’s shown in that movie.

When I knew him he was a really nice guy. I didn’t know about the dark side. It makes it very difficult to look back on the memories which were good memories, to think, oh boy, there was other stuff going on.

For me, I’m OK to just stay with the personal memories I had of him. The other side is the other side. I don’t know about that.

I can understand why people are very disappointed in him and angry that he had the dark side.

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