The Beatles legend Paul McCartney spoke in a recent interview with his official website and revealed the time he realized that his music had a bigger impact in the world, a lot more than he’d ever imagined.

Recently, Paul McCartney joined an interview with his official website and answered questions about the highlights of his music career. In the conversation, Paul mentioned the fact that the attention they received was not solely local and it spread all over the world, particularly to the United States.

Furthermore, McCartney pointed out that people started to get similar haircuts and dressing in the same fashion which made him think that this was a global movement. But, there were more things to come.

According to Paul, it was so clear that he had a connection between the people and he could felt that people in California are thinking the same as you think, and showed one of the greatest things about making music.

Additionally, The Beatles icon talked about the time when he realized that his music is actually changing the whole world. He stated that some of the people they met started to say that Paul and his music changed their whole life. Paul mentioned that people’s reactions made him realize that his music had an impact that he could have never imagined.

Here is what Paul McCartney stated when the interviewer asked about the time he came to the realization of his enormous influence on people around the world:

“I suppose it was our first big success in America. I started to realize that the attention was not just local, and it was around the time of Sgt Pepper when we started seeing our clothes and the music we were making getting copied on an international level.

Although this had happened before at home, with people getting the Beatle haircut and all dressing in a similar fashion, it was around about Sgt Pepper that you could feel the worldwide movement.

You could feel that people in California were thinking about what you were thinking about. And that’s when people started saying to us, ‘Wow man, you know your music changed my life!’ So, I think around that time I started to think it was changing the world.”

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