Paul McCartney, the co-lead vocalist, and bassist of the legendary band the Beatles shared an interview on his official website named after him and revealed the importance of a phone when it comes to music while talking about his upcoming album, ‘McCartney III.’

As you may remember, Paul McCartney recently announced that a new album titled ‘McCartney III’ will be released by sharing three videos in a row on his official Instagram page after sharing some cryptic photos on his official Instagram page for quite some time.

The album will be released on December 11, 2020, and will be the third album in a trilogy of self-titled solo records, following ‘McCartney’ in 1970 and ‘McCartney II’ in 1980, and is written, produced, and performed by Paul McCartney himself.

On his official website named after him, Paul McCartney opened up about the making of his new album during coronavirus and also revealed the importance of having a telephone while creating music. McCartney stated that he records voice notes on his phone often in order to remember the sketches. He also revealed that back when they did not have phones, it was hard for him or the frontman John Lennon to remember the songs.

Here is what McCartney said:

“Yes, I do, a lot – and it’s embarrassing! To think, when we started off all those years ago, John and I had to remember everything! The only things available for home recording were the big Grundig reel-to-reel tape recorders, and of course, you had to be very rich to have one, so we didn’t have them.

We always had to remember what we’d written that day. We’d write the song, go away, and all we’d have is a little piece of paper with the words on, and then later on we’d have a drink and think, ‘What the hell was that song?! … Oh God! Forgotten it!’. I’d wait a minute, thinking John would probably remember, and often one of us would wake up first thing in the morning and luckily have the song in our head again. So, in the studio, you were always playing something that you remembered, that you knew and that was finished.”

He continued:

“Nowadays with iPhones, you put a little sketch of an idea or a little bit of a riff, maybe just two lines of a song, and think ‘I’ll finish that later’. My phone is full of little sketches, some of which I pulled out during lockdown and thought ‘I’ve really got to finish these’. So, I did.

But yeah, I’m always on my iPhone, always putting ideas down. And the double-edged sword means it’s good because you can remember your ideas. But it’s bad because you don’t finish them. You’ve got to force yourself to come back and finish. Fortunately, I had an opportunity during this time to do just that.”

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