The Beatles bass guitarist and singer Paul McCartney’s late wife Linda McCartney’s official Instagram account has uploaded a rare photo of the singer with his daughter, Mary McCartney, after 47 years.

As you might see in the photo, it appears as Paul takes care of his daughter, Marry, in the plains of Scotland. In addition, this adorable photo was taken in 1973.

It has received more than 24K likes in a short period, with most of the fans headed to the comment section to show some love for the legend and his daughter.

Here’s what the page captioned:

“Paul and Mary. Scotland, 1973.”

A fan named moniquestevens1924 commented and wrote:

“A beautiful moment between a father and his daughter, captured by the one who loves them most.”

Another fan named connie.hannah.maguire said:

“He is a total natural with kids.. as he is with his music🌻 Love you paul and Linda🙏💞”

See the Instagram photo below.