The iconic drummer of The Beatles Ringo Starr shared a photo of himself on Instagram and announced the fans had a final chance to join a video chat with him on his 80th birthday.

The Beatles’ legend Ringo Starr’s 80th birthday is only weeks away from now, which is on June 7th. This year, Ringo had a special plan to celebrate his birthday with the fans as a part of his collaboration with the David Lynch Foundation.

The David Lynch Foundation is a nonprofit organization addressing the global epidemic of trauma and toxic stress by providing ‘transcendental meditation‘ technique. It was founded by the filmmaker David Lynch in 2005. The Beatles stars Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr also performed at a benefit concert in 2009.

Recently, Ringo announced that he would be welcoming fans for a video chat on his birthday this year. The fans had to support the foundation’s initiative named ‘Heal The Healers Now‘ in order to win a chance to join Ringo’s birthday celebration.

On the caption of his recent Instagram post, Ringo Star stated the fans still have the chance to participate in the event:

“Peace and Love everybody! This is your LAST CHANCE to enter for the opportunity to video chat with me on my birthday. Support #healthehealers through The David Lynch Foundation when you ENTER through my bio link or at✌️❤️🕊☮️🎂 #omaze”

You can see the picture Ringo Starr posted on his Instagram account below.