Ringo Starr, mostly known for being the drummer of the iconic band The Beatles during the 60s, shared a post on his official Instagram page while looking happier and healthier than ever during his downtime, he also did not forget to mention his motto for life, peace and love.

Ringo Starr, although being widely famous for his music, is also quite an active social media user, especially on his official Instagram account which has nearly 1 million followers. He often shares pictures of himself with a breathtaking nature view behind, cool selfies, adventurous pictures from skiing and hiking, and photographs from his performances.

Starr has nearly 1000 posts on his official Instagram page and he has a staple caption that never changes. No matter the picture or video is, he never forgets to add the statement ‘Peace and Love’ at the end of his post’s caption section.

Ringo Starr recently shared a post on his official Instagram page with his fundamental message ‘Peace and Love’ at the end of his caption, showing the beaming smile on his face with a beautiful environment, in the woods, with snow. Starr seems to enjoy his days away from work and responsibilities and fans are thrilled to see him healthy and happy.

Here is what Starr said:

“Just hanging out it’s a beautiful day peace and love.

You can see the Instagram post below.