In 2007, a pair of John Lennon’s sunglasses have been sold by a British collector. Auction organizer have denied to reveal how much the glasses went. At that time, auction organizers were expected to fetch about £1 million.

Next week, John Lennons’s glasses, and very rare piece of Hitler Tapes by George Harrison will be on sale in a recent Beatles auction.

And also, a promotion poster of The Beatle’s ‘Second Album’ is expected to sell for £12.000

Here is what official site of The Beatles Auction wrote:

“Beatles memorabilia is top of the list when it comes to collecting memorabilia and our twice yearly Beatles auctions have seen some incredibly rare and unique items going under the hammer.”

Latest Auction Highlights

  • The Record That Launched The Beatles: £77.500
  • Unpublished Photographs of John Lennon: £54.000
  • The Mike Mitchell Beatles Archive: £253.000
  • Rare Beatles Shea Stadium Photo Archive: £30.000

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