One of the most iconic stars of The Beatles, Ringo Starr had a new interview with Parade’s Jim Farber and revealed his ideas about ‘gay accusations’ about The Beatles’ Brian Epstein.

Here is the question of Parade:

“The Beatles had a gay manager, Brian Epstein, at a time when being gay was illegal in England and very much stigmatized. What was the band’s attitude about gay people back then?”

Ringo Starr answered back:

“I had known a lot of gay men. It didn’t matter to us. We were lads of the time. Or maybe, OK then, lads ahead of our time.”

In the same interview, Ringo Starr revealed his favorite The Beatles’ song ever for the first time. According to Ringo, “Rain” is the best The Beatles song ever.

Here is what he said:

“We were not falling apart at all until we split. We played together right up until that. I love the White Album. I mean, Pepper [Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band] was great, but there was a lot of sitting around.

We were like studio guys. This time, we were back to being a band. People say, “What’s your favorite song on there?” I love “Yer Blues.” We’re in a six-foot room—amps, drums, vocal mics. No separation. It was like, “Yeah!”

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