In a recent interview with Music radar, The Bootlegs bassist (The Beatles tribute band) Steve White has shared the story about how he met with Paul McCartney.

Interviewer asked:

“Have The Bootlegs ever received any feedback from The Beatles themselves?”

Steve responded:

“I would love to. I would love for Paul to say whether I was doing him justice. I’d like to think I am, I do try very hard. I know the past incarnation of The Bootleg Beatles were lucky enough to meet The Beatles on a number of different occasions and exchanged a few words.

When they were playing the Queen’s Jubilee Paul came up and said, ‘Don’t play Hey Jude because I’m doing it.’ Then he said, ‘When you’re on, I’m going to come and heckle you!’

Then, of course, Andre [Barreau, a previous ‘George’] was lucky enough to meet George, and George said to Andre, ‘Who’s the bootleg Brian Epstein? Because he’s got all the money!’”

He spoke on the equipment he used and said:

 “I have to use two to simulate the different look throughout The Beatles’ career, but the one that I’ll be focusing on for The White Album will be the blonde one. It’s to depict the look of McCartney’s bass once he’d stripped all the finish off – he’d taken all the psychedelic paintwork off, so that’s the idea of that guitar.

The amplifier was a Vox AC100. The head has been changed; it’s been modified to a slightly more modern amp because the original had fried. So I’ve had to use a slightly more modern head for usability, basically. Then the cab is a twin 15, I think they refer to it as the T100 cab. McCartney used two, he used what they called the T60, which was a 15-inch in the bottom and a 12-inch in the top.”

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