The tragic death of the guitarist Dimebag Darrell had shocked his fans and other rockstars in 2004. Seventeen years after the horrifying event, new photos of the crime scene have been released, and the images are gory.

Darrell was performing their opening song with his band Damageplan in a nightclub in Columbus, Ohio when Nathan Gale jumped on stage from within the crowd with a gun and shot the guitarist. The concert quickly turned into bloodshed as the murderer did not just stop after killing Darrell.

Nathan Gale also murdered Damageplan’s head of security Jeffrey Thompson, a fan, Nathan Bray, and an employee of the club named Erin Halk until the police came and finally stopped him with a headshot.

It was a horrifying situation for everyone who was there, but the musicians in the music industry were also deeply shocked. Thousands of fans and celebrities attended Dimebag Darell’s public memorial and paid tribute to the star. Among those names were Eddie Van Halen, Zakk Wylde, Crey Taylor, Jerry Cantrell, and Dino Cazares.

According to Nathan Gale’s friends, he decided to kill Darrell because he wasn’t okay with Pantera breaking up. Nathan Gale was obsessed and constantly thinking about the band members and finally decided to kill one of them after their disbandment.

The tragedy has scarred millions of Pantera and Dimebag fans and will probably never be forgotten. In 2016, WBNS-10TV released the crime scene photos, which took back his fans to the awful day and made them relive the moment.

This is what the source said before they released the unseen crime-scene photos:

“The terrifying moment still resonates among those who were there more than a decade later, including Jim Niggemeyer, the Columbus police officer who shot and killed Gale within seconds of entering the club.”

You can see the photos below. Warning: Viewer discretion advised.