The iconic guitarist of The Rolling Stones and the artist, Ronnie Wood has talked about his decision to get sober in his documentary film, ‘Somebody Up There Likes Me,’ along with his bandmates, Mick Jagger‘s and Keith Richards‘ interviews about him.

As you know, Ronnie Wood has released his documentary, ‘Somebody Up There Likes Me’ directed by Mike Figgis, who portraits him as an artist, musician, and survivor today.

Including the appearances of Wood’s long-time friends such as, Damian Hirst, Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Imelda May, and Rod Stewart, the movie guides the audience to the journey through his career that spans more than 50 years.

During the excerpt that is taken from the documentary, which has been released lately, Ronnie Wood has explained why he finally quit drugs and alcohol after decades of abusing his body. He said that nothing was working and he realized he turned into somebody else slowly.

In addition to Ronnie Wood, himself, his bandmate Mick Jagger, who has seen lots of people like Wood going through this tough road, made an explanation about him. Jagger said that it is really hard to quit, however, he knew Ronnie wanted to do that so it became possible.

Here is what Ronnie Wood said about his decision to finally get sober:

Nothing was working. The coke wasn’t working. The drink wasn’t working. [I] tried one more to see if I could cut through it and I turned into this sour person. I thought, ‘This is not me.’ Took the brave move again, but this time for myself, to try and abstain and clean up my act.”

Mick Jagger also said about Wood:

“It’s really hard to do. But he knew that he wanted to do it, which is obviously part of the thing. If you don’t want to do it, it’s really impossible. But he wanted to do it and found it really difficult to do.”

You can check out the clip of interview below and see the source here.