Tom Morello, singer, songwriter, best known for his tenure with Rage Against the Machine, shared a post on his official Instagram page with Adam Jones, the guitarist of Tool, and reminded the fans their high school band named The Electric Sheep with a throwback picture.

As you might remember, Adam Jones, a four-time Grammy Award-winning musician, played bass guitar in the band Electric Sheep, with Tom Morello playing guitar. The two both were raised in Illinois and went to the same high school where they played in the same band until Jones moved to California which Morello soon followed.

In order to recall those days, Tom Morello shared a picture of them back in high school and a recent photo on his official Instagram page. While fans already knew the had a band back then, they still seem to be thrilled to see an old picture of Morello and Jones together.

Here is what Morello said about the picture:

“How odd is it that two Drama Club friends from tiny Libertyville, Illinois who played together in a high school band called The Electric Sheep later became the guitarists for Tool Music & Rage Against the Machine? Answer: Very odd.”

You can see the Instagram post below: